Driveway Specialists

Resin surfaces are becoming extremely popular for driveways, paths and patios.

There are two types of resin surfacing:

Resin Bound

Resin Bond


The differences in the two surfaces are in the way it is applied to a surface and also the finish of the surface.


Resin Bound is where the aggregate is mixed in with the resin itself.  It is then hand troweled onto the surface to leave a smooth flat finish with no loose aggregate (gravel).  Resin Bound is a permeable porous surface which allows water to drain through.


Resin Bond is where the resin is applied to the surface and the aggregate (gravel) is scattered on to the resin surface.  Most of the aggregate bonds with the resin while some aggregate will be loose on the top. When the resin is set any excessive loose gravel can be removed.  This surface is not porous. 


Resin Bound Driveway and pathways



Suitable for ...

Resin surfacing can be used for:






Car Parks

Cycle paths

Pedestrian Areas

Sports floors and outdoor sports areas

Children's play areas


Laying a Resin surface

The beauty of laying a resin surface is that is can be laid on most existing surfaces.

It does not mean that your existing driveway will have to be dug out.

The existing driveway will need to be carefully prepared, so it will be cleaned to remove dirt,debris, plant life etc.

Any cracks or damage to the existing driveway (base) may need repairing before the resin or resin mixture is applied.

Depending on the purpose of the area that you wish to have your resin surface laid will also be a guide for the depth of the surface required.

Driveways, with the use of vehicles will require more depth than say, a patio.


Colours & Designs

The aggregate comes in a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose from.

You can also have a design incorporated within the main resin installation.



Aesthetically pleasing

Requires little or no maintenance

Can be used as flooring (internal) or driveways etc. (external)

It can be laid on existing or new surfaces 

If the area the resin is being laid is uneven, it will still have a smooth even finish

Wide choice of colours

Designs can be incorporated

Used in both the domestic and commercial markets